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Hei from germany


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Hello to all of you


Just wanted to send you our best wishes from germany.

I registered to your site yesterday and hope to meet lots of friendly people here :)


Greetz Sting_tafbm ;)

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i ride a 1991 V6 Pontiac Firebird with a 3,1L engine in metal-grey



Nice to have so many replies after such a short time....


Greetz Sting

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www.tafbm.com was the URL. I'll add the link to the FBCOF site as well.




We added F-Body Club of Finland to our site already ;)


Partner Communitys and Links ->



F-Body Club of Finland

Initial: FBCF

Location: Finland

Partner since July 2005


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Howdy, and Welcome! ;)



You'll meet lots of cool people on this board. 8) I'll have to check out your site once I'm again somewhere, where the internet connection is a bit better than on my phone.


In the meanwhile, I'll just enjoy being here in the middle of nowhere. :D



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Greetings Sting ;D


I'm glad to see,that other F-Body enthusiast around a Europe and other places are establishing int'l connections between clubs and members.

I hope you guys are keeping us posted what and how you are doing

over there.

Maybe in a future ,we see some int'l visitors in our summer meeting

or vice versa?


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